Intellectual outputs

IO1: Open educational resources and e-course for flipped classroom (FC) and work based learning (WBL)
IO2: Toolkit for assessment of students in FC and WBL
IO3: Learning analytics for FC and WBL
IO4: Code of practice on impact analysis of innovative pedagogies

Transnational project meetings

During the project lifecycle five transnational project meetings will be organised under the name Meet2Flip. Conducting of transnational project meetings will be balanced according to the timeline and deadline for project results. The Final meeting, under the name Keep Flipping will be held at UNIRI in January 2023. The goal will be to give overview on performed multiplier events, discuss achieved project impact and the following steps regarding sustainability and further cooperation of project partners within new initiatives.

Kick-off Welcome RAPIDE at UNIZG FOI, Croatia in April, 2021
Meet2Flip at Open University, UK in July, 2021
Meet2Flip at TU Delft, Netherlands in November, 2021
Meet2Flip at Goethe University, Germany in April, 2022
Final meeting - Keep Flipping at UNIRI, Croatia in January, 2023

Learning, Teaching, Training activities

RAPIDE Let’s innovate teaching/assessment/support is the name of three Learning, Teaching, Training activities that will be organised whitin project. The goals of these activities are to provide teachers with hands-on training on using innovative teaching approaches - FC and WBL, implementation of students’ assessment and supporting students in an online environment by use of learning analytics and to get feedback from teachers/participants on content, design and transferability of IOs and on training performance.

Let's innovate teaching at Open University, UK in July 2021
Let’s innovate assessment at TU Delft, Netherlands in November, 2021
Let’s innovate support at Goethe University, Germany in April, 2022

Multiplier events

RAPIDE Innovation is the name of four multiplier events that will be organised, with final conference included.
The overall goal of the multiplier events is to promote innovative approaches in online teaching, learning and assessment, to present achieved project impact and expose conclusions and lessons learned and to foster the potential of transferability and sustainability of project results. Multiplier events will be organised in December 2022 and January 2023 at partners institutions.

RAPIDE Innovation in UK, December 2022
RAPIDE Innovation in Netherlands, December 2022
RAPIDE Innovation in Germany, December 2022
Final Conference INNOVATED in Croatia, January 2023

Project analytics

Project duration

Project achievements