As part of the SEFI Annual Conference 19-22 September 2022, Barcelona, Spain, on September 20th, 2022 the workshop titled Using Peer Assessment in Inclusive Digital Education was held by facilitators Gillian Saunders-Smits, Gitte van Helden, Vivian van der Werf, and Marcus Specht.

In this workshop, participants have been introduced to many different types of peer assessment that can be used in engineering education, whether face-to-face, hybrid, or in a fully online environment, and how to do so in an inclusive way thus maintaining the important safe place that education should be.

After that participants discussed in small groups what types of peer evaluations they use or want to use in their courses and brainstorm ideas for implementation in their own specific case or for one of the general cases that the facilitators will have available.

At the end of the workshop participants presented their main findings to the whole group with the goal of learning from each other. The aim of the workshop was to participants feel inspired and to implement or improve peer assessment in their own courses.