RAPIDE consortium continued with the planning and coordination of the project activities and results on the online meeting held on Wednesday, August 31st 2022.

The topics included the activities related to publications and conferences that will be part of the partners work in the upcoming period. The main meeting topic included the MOOC piloting within the prepared Modules 2, 3 and 4. Module 1 was implemented and piloted during July, 2021 and Module 2 “Let’s innovate assessment” starts on September 5th and partners also agreed to open the registration for new participants until September 4. The partners discussed the schedule for the upcoming multiplier events to be held in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany and in Croatia until February 2023.

Read more about the modules and schedule and join us: https://rapide-project.eu/sites/default/files/FlipBooks/eCOURSE/index.html