This is to announce that RAPIDE e-COURSE developed for higher education teachers, managers and instructional designers will be held in the period June - November, 2022.

The RAPIDE e-COURSE will be an excellent opportunity for the professional development, collaboration with international experts and peers, as well as a chance for unique co-creational experience for the teachers from partner institutions. The e-COURSE is research-based short online course that include theoretical introductions to four major topics (modules), best-practice examples and hands-on activities, related to innovative pedagogies and assessment, learning analytics and impact of innovative pedagogies. The e-COURSE will be delivered through 4 modules, online, within Moodle, mainly asynchronously with a few live sessions (workshops).

In order to take part in the RAPIDE e-course, the teachers from partner institutions are invited to register by June 24, 2022 here. The workshops will be free and open for all other interested teachers outside the partnership institutions after this piloting phase, in December 2022.

A detailed piloting schedule is available in the e-COURSE Brochure including the following timeline:
Module 1 (innovative pedagogies): 27 June – 14 July
Module 2 (assessment): 5 September – 19 September
Module 3 (learning analytics): 26 September – 13 October
Module 4 (impact): 17 October – 6 November.

The official language of the activity is English. 

The staff from RAPIDE partner institutions are invited to register via this Registration Form. The registration deadline is June 24, 2022.