RAPIDE project members proudly announce the LTT3 activity Let’s innovate support which will be held at UNI Goethe on April 27-28, 2022 with two goals: to provide teachers with hands-on training on supporting students in an online environment by use of learning analytics and to get feedback from teachers/participants on content, design and transferability of IO3 and on training performance.

Planned learning outcomes of LTT3 activity are: understanding the concept of supporting students in an online environment, analyzing aspects in which learning analytics can be used in order to support students in learning and their teachers in facilitate students’ learning in online environment, analyzing different academic study fields and align it with appropriate dashboard models, implementing dashboard models that supports students in FC and WBL related activities in online environment considering study and subject field and student background and needs and implement demonstration tool (dashboard app for open LMS).

The activity will be held at the Goethe University onsite and online with participation of all partners.